Books for my Classroom

I am having this profile for Literacy Block and to also display a few books I believe students could benefit from.

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

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The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses - Paul Goble

This book, in my opinion, was very confusing to follow but it is a very good book to initiate he sense of 'wonder' for the students. The book is about a girl that loved being with the ild horses. She could understand them and the horses understood her more than her own people. One day, she was with the horses and something happened that made the horses run off with her on the back of one. She ended up being away from her family and people for over a year. When she finally saw her family again, she realized that she would rather be with the horses because they understand her. In the nd, she ends up turning into a wild horse herself. I wouls have the students either turn and talk or write a quick, brief sentence or two about what they wonder at the beginning of the book, the middle, and the end. I think this book could be used in grades 3 - 4. The book is a level of 4.1.

The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System

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The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System - Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen

The Magic School Bus book collection in so informational. This particular book is has a lot of information about the solar system. It has information about the planents, comet, and many other acts. The book begins inside the classroom where the lass is working on a project and, like it always does, it ends up with Mrs, Frizzle and the class all coming on the maic chool bus to travel to outter space. Mrs. Frizzle ends up getting separated from the class and she gives the class clues on what planet she waiting for them on. The books with the class being safe and sound back inside the classroom and full of new information. I would use this book to incorporate science along with readin. I could have the students draw a planet from a basket and create the planet, or have the students create the entire solar system. I would read the book during science n thegrdes 1 - 2 but I would read the book and have the students do the project in the upper grades. This book is a reading level of 3.7.

Miss Nelson is Missing!

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Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard, James Marshall

This book one of my ultimate childhood favorites! This book could be used in grades 1 - 3. In the book, Miss Nelson's class is misbehaving and she comes up with an idea on how to get her students to behave the appropriately. The next day, the students come in the classroom to find Miss Viola Swamp. Miss, Swamp is the meanest substitute teacher the students could ever imagine. By the end of the day, Miss Swamp has the students behaving appropriately. There is a secret to where Miss Nelson is, but to find out you have to read the book! I would read this book at the beginning of the year so the students know that if they do not listen to their teacher, there could potentially be someone a lot worse to come in. This book is at a lexile level of 340L.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault, Lois Ehlert

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a book I would use in a preschool classroom or either a kindergarten classroom. The book is about the lowercase letters all climb up a tree and the tree ends up breaking! Oh, no! So, each capital letter that matches the lowercase letter must come to the tree to find them. Each lowercase letter is left with some kind of injury. I would use this book in my classroom to show the kindergartners that there is always an uppercase letter that matches a lowercase letter. I would have the students be a letter and when I say that letter in the book, the students would have to mock the movement I said, pretending to climb up the tree. It would be the same for when the letters all fall out of the tree and walk away with some kind of injury. This book is a Lexile level of 530L.  

Green Eggs and Ham

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Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss

Another Dr. Suess book! This book is a famous one. In the book, there is person trying to get Sam to try green eggs and ham. However, Sam effuses to eat them He refuses in a box, on a train, here, there, and many different places. After the begging and pleading of the other character, Sam finally tires the green eggs and ham and really enjoys them! When I was elementary school, my class was taken to the library. That day, the librarian read us Green Eggs and Ham and after we read the story, we had actual green eggs and ham to eat! It was such a fun day. I would definitely do that with my students. I would also teach the students that just because something looks bad on the outside, it could be very good on the inside. It does not always mean it is something bad. Just like the cover a book. The cover may seem boring, but when you being to read, you can't stop! There are many different things you could do with this book. U think the lower grades (indergarten to 2) would get to the most fun and benefit from the story. The book is a level of a 2.2.

Boundless Grace

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Boundless Grace - Mary Hoffman

My first day of placement this semester, my cooperating teacher used this book in her whole group lesson. The book is about a girl named Grace and Grace lives with her mom and grandmother. Once day, Grace sees a family that has a mom, child, and a father. Grace then begins to think that her family is incomplete. It Grace traveling to where her father lives and to see that there is a variety of different families and that who she lives with, s her complete family. She ends up to know that just because her father does not live with her and she does not live with him, its OK. I would use this book in two different ways. I would first teach the students how to inference. The other thing I would teach the students is just because you mom or dad does not live you, doesn't mean your family is incomplete. Your family is anyone you care about whether they do or do not live with you. I think this book would be good in grades 3 -4. The actual level of the book is  4.1.

Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel

This book is so much fun! I never read Amelia Bedelia in elementary school however, I read it or the first time a few weeks ago! These books are so funny and I believe a younger child would enjoy reading her books. Amelia Bedlia is a housekeeper that et everything mixed up when she is left a note to complete a task. In this particular book, she is asked to dress a turkey. She think she is asked to dress the turkey in clothes an does so instead of getting the turkey ready to be cooked. I could use this book in my classroom to introduce homophones and/or idioms. I believe this book could be a great example for either of the two topics in either grade. It would be easy for the upper grades to notice the problem and but could possibly be harder for the lower grades to to understand right off. This ook is a level of 2.5.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

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Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons - Eric Litwin, James Dean

OH MY WORD! This book is so much fun! I have only known about Pete the Cat for a few months and I knew book after I heard about the series. Pete the Cat is ready to go outside and enjoy his day when all of a sudden, one of his buttons pops off! Pete the Cat loses all of his buttons throughout the book but then realizes he has a button that he forgot he had! This book incorporates math while reading. Each time Pete loses a button, they show a math equation to represent what just happened to his buttons. For example, Pete begins his day with 4 buttons and when the first button pops off, there is a page specifically for the math equation. It will say 4-1=3! I would show this book off by having a students dress up in a yellow jacket with 4 buttons tapped to the jacket and each time Pete loses a button in the book, I would have the student take a button off the jacket. This way, the book can come alive for those students. This book is for kindergarten or first grade. The level of the book is 2.0 

Oh, The Places You'll Go

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Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Suess is one of my favorite authors. His books have meaning even with all the nonsense words he puts in them. This book basically lists all the places you could o throughout your journey /life. I would most definitely use this book in my classroom. I would read this book at the beginning of the year and tell they students that they are capable of anything and going anywhere. If I was to reference this book in my classroom everyday, there is no telling what students ould get something out of it. This book and me referencing the book and lifting students up could really benefit a student if he/she is not getting any attention tat home. Or it could help the student that struggles through school and has no help at home. This bok could help a lot of studetns in many different ways. I would read his book no matter what grade I teach however, I would have in my library for kindergarten through 3. The level of this book is a 3.2.

Midnight on the Moon

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Midnight On The Moon - Sal Murdocca, Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House series is a childhood favorite of mine.  The series is about a brother and a sister who have a tree house and a magic book that take them to different places.  In this particular book, the brother and sister travel to the moon.  While there, they learn about the moon and space.  After learning so much, they have to find a way home. I can use this book in my classroom to incorporate science into my reading instruction.  This book could be used in grades 1 through 3. The grade level of this book is a 2.1.

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

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Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime - Barbara Park, Denise Brunkus

Growing up, I read Junie B. all the time! This book would be great to read around Valentines Day. In the book, Junie B.'s class is exchanging Valentine cards and she receives one that was from a secret admirer. Something I could do with this book is to have the students write a poem, in the shape on a heart, for someone in their family. Possibly their mom. This particular Junie B book is not my favorite even though it is part of favorite childhood series. I believe if this book was a read loud, grades 1-3 would enjoy the book along with writing a poem. The level of this book is a 2.1.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Barbara Robinson

This book is an amazing example of how people can change for the good. This book is about a family of children that terrorize their school along with the town. No one likes to see the Herdmans coming their way. One Christmas, the Herdmans hear a boy in their class talk about the snacks he gets in Sunday School. The Herdmans decide to 'try-out' Sunday School one week. That week, was auditions for the church's Christmas Play. Of course, the Herdmans bully their way to each part they wanted. The director of the play is overwhelmed about the Herdmans, but all is well at the end. I do not want to spoil the end of the story, so you will have to read it yourself. I would use this book in my classroom to introduce cause and effect and/or figurative language. I could also use this book for showing students people can change and o have respect for each other. This book could be used in grades 3 - 6. The lexile level of the book is a 930L.   

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

I have chosen this book because the movie is amazing and I have not read the book! I have been trying to read the series for years but I never have the time. The book is bout a little girl that finds a magical wardrobe that takes her to another place. She goes back to the land a few times before she finally brings along her three siblings. While in the magical land, one of the brothers gets captures by the evil queen and the three remaining siblings must gather an army in order to rescue the brother. The three remaining siblings go through many obstacles but the family is successful with their mission in the end. This book could be used with teaching prediction and fantasy. I believe grades 4 - 6 would be able to enjoy and comprehend the book better than the lower grades. The book is a level of 6.1.

The Westing Game

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The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin

This book is so confusing! I read this book when I was either in the 5th or 5th grade and I remember I had to keep an organizer to keep up with everything go on inside the story. The story is a murder mystery and very good. The story is about am apartment complex that is owned by a millionaire. Years later, the complex is being unattended and is deserted. A girl named Turtle goes into the house on a dare and finds a dead body and that is when the game begins. I would most definitely use this book in my classroom. I enjoyed it so much. I would use this book to introduce predicting or continuing the idea of redicting. This is a very complicated book and I believe 6th graders would be able to comprehend it easier. The level of the book is a 6.1.

The Watsons go to Birmingham

The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 - Christopher Paul Curtis

The Watsons go to Birmingham seems like it would be a good book to incorporate Reading and Social Studies. I have not read the book but for some reason, I remember my mom referencing the book when I was in her 5th grade classroom. The book is about a family that lives in Michigan and ends up moving to Birmingham, Alabama. I haven't read the book but I would love to! The book would be great to use in Reading. You could use Compare and Contrast between the two cities. You could also se the book in Social Studies about learning how times were in the 1960s. The book is a level of 5.5 but I believe grades 5 and 6 would be able to comprehend the book for the desired reason.  

Because of Winn Dixie

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Because of Winn-Dixie - Kate DiCamillo

Because of Winn Dixie is such an amazing story! I enjoyed the book just as much as I did watching the movie. Haha! The book is about a little girl and her preacher father. They have moved to a small town and one day while the girl was grocery shopping in, you guessed it, Winn Dixie, he rescues a dog that was in the store causing trouble. She takes the dog home and tries her best to convince her dad to let her keep the dog. I believe this book could be read in classrooms of 3rd to 5th grade. The actual reading level of the book is 3.9. A way that I could se this book in my classroom is to ntroduce summarizing and predicting. After each chapter I could have the students turn and talk or write in their journals about what they think would happen next or to have them summarize the chapter just read.