Books for my Classroom

I am having this profile for Literacy Block and to also display a few books I believe students could benefit from.

Amelia Bedelia

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Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel

This book is so much fun! I never read Amelia Bedelia in elementary school however, I read it or the first time a few weeks ago! These books are so funny and I believe a younger child would enjoy reading her books. Amelia Bedlia is a housekeeper that et everything mixed up when she is left a note to complete a task. In this particular book, she is asked to dress a turkey. She think she is asked to dress the turkey in clothes an does so instead of getting the turkey ready to be cooked. I could use this book in my classroom to introduce homophones and/or idioms. I believe this book could be a great example for either of the two topics in either grade. It would be easy for the upper grades to notice the problem and but could possibly be harder for the lower grades to to understand right off. This ook is a level of 2.5.